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skatericonIn mid-2000 I watched the movie Operation Takedown, in scene where the protagonist going to the work with inline skate and transiting between servers, this caught my attention but desire passed.

In 2006 when I entered in university I wanted to use inline skating again, but desire passed until I see some skating on Campus Party 2011, with two children and my daughter already skating I decided to stop postponing, summarizing the story bought my inline skating in May 2012, I love skating and teach what know to beginners.

With this post I want to give some tips for beginners, based on my experience and difficulties encountered.

Before tips, you need a inline skate, buy with ABEC 5 similar or higher. Sometimes it might feel like to save and buy a simpler skates, will throw money away, will quickly realize that made a bad deal.

Buy protections and never skating alone, accidents happen and you may need help, therefore USE THE PROTECTIONS.

Well, tell you to learn to skating will be necessary following 5 tips:

TIP #0 (Standing remain)

Some people has great difficult staying on standing on the inline skating, others can do it with ease, if you standing remain jump to TIP #1.

Do not be discouraged, early attempts can be on a carpet or lawn on these floors you’ll not move easily and can train the balance, but you not born to stand stopped, once you feel more confident try on floor, if you do not standing remain try again.

TIP #1 (Know fall)

Some things are inevitable fall of skates is one, then you need know how do.

When you feel unbalanced, your instinct will protrude body to back, fight it with all their forces, do not we have any protective back, this is the wrong way to fall. When falling protrude yours arms forward and bend your knee until reaching the ground.

Do not be afraid, small falls do well for mind and body because your self-confidence will is at a safe level and all falls creates micro-lesions in bones reinforcing and protecting it from biggest falls, see example.


TIP #2 (Basic movements)

This tip going direct to women (but men will also understand), do you remember when use heeled shoes first time ?

Probably you felt imbalanced at the beginning, this discomfort is normal and happens because your mass center reference is displaced some inches up and when you skating the same applies, to avoid this you take a basic position to your mass center reference return.

Basic Position: Spine straight, knees bent and arms forward.

Now let’s fix the position of your feet, should not be parallel to one another but slightly open, forming an angle 45 degrees, for skating should put one foot ahead of the other, keeping the angle.

Is necessary train more movements to turn and reduce, see example. Keep calm, first train basic position and skating.

TIP #3 (How stop)

You only fell security in skating if you know be in controller, in others words, when you want stop, you can stop. We have several techniques to stop and you must learn all, first technique: Break.

If you can keep balance with on foot, quickly, use break is easy.

First: Basic position.

Second: Advance foot with break (default right) and tilt the foot, never tilt the foot with parallel feet because you will loss the balance.

Please, do not let skaters more experts remove your break for beginner is better technique to stop, with passage of time the removal break is normal, train stop every times see example.

TIP #4 (Monkey see, monkey do)

Is very recommended you skating with others skaters, observe, ask and try all believe that getting.

At the beginning your preoccupation is keep balance, with practice, observe and tips of others skaters will improve the tecnique and acquire greater safety and comfort.


Do not let the self confidence you down or a fear paralyze you, know your limit.

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