G-Force Meter

Date project, April 2017Google Translate
Customer Jumil

G-Force meter for resistence testing on machine, save data in card microSD in the format CSV.



This project used an accelerometer as sensor to g-force meter, in most cases the acceleration is used as a vector quantity, which can be used to sense the orientation of the device, more precisely pitch and roll. Because when you turn the device, the 1G component is distributed among those 3 axes. With simple vector math we can calculate the angle of the device.

Base Boarduino is an Arduino-compatible microcontroller board that doubles as a motherboard with four Nanoshield slots.
Nanoshield microSD to save in card.
Digital accelerometer ADXL345.

Development time
1 day for hardware and firmware
1 day for finishing

To gauge g-force meter, all tests as used an app with the same function.

Free fallmove

CAM01184 CAM01185


  CAM01190 CAM01189 CAM01188







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