Data collector

Data collectorDate project September 2017Google Translate
Customer SBW

Collect production data for analysis via remote access, data saved in the CSV format.

This project consists of terminals fixed in each machine of the industry so that the line operator informs the beginning and end of the production, the collector computes the time it took to execute a model / operation and sends to central, which records the receipt on an SD card as well as the date and time of receipt.

The data can be accessed physically, by removing the SD card or via webservice through the local network, the central has LED indicating initialization errors, operation and receipt of data in addition to a LOG file for auditing.

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G-Force Meter

Date project, April 2017Google Translate
Customer Jumil

G-Force meter for resistence testing on machine, save data in card microSD in the format CSV.



This project used an accelerometer as sensor to g-force meter, in most cases the acceleration is used as a vector quantity, which can be used to sense the orientation of the device, more precisely pitch and roll. Because when you turn the device, the 1G component is distributed among those 3 axes. With simple vector math we can calculate the angle of the device.

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