Power Management

UntitledDate project November 2017Google Translate
Customer Camerge

Via connection TTL and using protocol NBR 14522 receive data from power meter and send to webservice in the JSON file format.

This project consists of receive data from power meter that are sent every second and save in local database to after the 15 minutes send it to the webservice.

The power meter can be setting to two operation mode: normal or extended, the software detect how user interface was configured to data process, all communication is made in C and saved in local database, after then using Linux’s script the data are sent.

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FoodTruck Sistema

FoodTruck SistemaDate project December 2017Google Translate

Create a ERP based on SaaS to market of food truck that was easy and financially accessible.


This project is one of my personal business with focus on the Brazilian food trucks market but can be adjusted easily to operate worldwide. To know more visit the project website.


mark-github“Talk is cheap, show me the code.”
Technologies in use: Odoo, Python, PostgreSQL and Raspberry Pi


Data Collector

Data collectorDate project September 2017Google Translate
Customer SBW

Collect production data for analysis via remote access, data saved in the CSV format.

This project consists of terminals fixed in each machine of the industry so that the line operator informs the beginning and end of the production, the collector computes the time it took to execute a model / operation and sends to central, which records the receipt on an SD card as well as the date and time of receipt.

The data can be accessed physically, by removing the SD card or via webservice through the local network, the central has LED indicating initialization errors, operation and receipt of data in addition to a LOG file for auditing.

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Freio de calcanhar

Inline SkateObjetivo deste post é determinar quando e  quem deve utiliza-lo, assim como sua eficiência.



Goal of this article is to determine when and  who should use it as well as its efficiency.

Se você esta começando a patinar mais cedo ou mais tarde vai ouvir de algum patinador experiente, as vezes nem tanto, que deve tirar o freio de calcanhar que acompanha os patins, a justificativa mais comum é “ele te derruba”.

Quando começei a patinar foi a primeira técnica de frenagem que aprendi, não tão bem no inicio, mas depois de alguns ajustes (trocar o freio do pé direito para o esquerdo) consegui ter controle efetivo da minha velocidade.

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G-Force Meter

Date project, April 2017Google Translate
Customer Jumil

G-Force meter for resistence testing on machine, save data in card microSD in the format CSV.



This project used an accelerometer as sensor to g-force meter, in most cases the acceleration is used as a vector quantity, which can be used to sense the orientation of the device, more precisely pitch and roll. Because when you turn the device, the 1G component is distributed among those 3 axes. With simple vector math we can calculate the angle of the device.

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University ULBRA, Discursive 2 (2016.1) of Physical Basic

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A hydraulic drive system is a drive or transmission system that uses pressurized hydraulic fluid to power hydraulic machinery. The term hydrostatic refers to the transfer of energy from flow and pressure, not from the kinetic energy of the flow.

The hydraulic fluid can be any fluid as oil or water, in specific cases can be used air or other inert gas, this case is setting up a pneumatic drive system and is necessary a compressor because gases in ambient pressure has low potential to transmission energy.

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